Specialty OF MY CLINIC
A person's age is often judged by the appearance of his/her skin. The wrinkle is the most common presentation of Ageing on the skin. Skin also tends to become dull, dry and appears to Sag with Ageing. 
Aging skin may also be seen in the Youngsters which may be due to harmful UV-rays of sun, pollution, stress, smoking etc. This is known as Photoaging. Photoageing may also result in dryness, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles & sagging in Youngsters.

  We believe in "Full Face Rejuvenation " depending on the skin type of individual. We closely examine the skin. we address Muscular activity, Volume loss, Sagging, Loss of collagen & skin elasticity and textural changes for complete Rejuvenation of Face. 
  We are expert in combining Non-surgical procedures in such a way that it gives long lasting and Natural results.