Facial Contouring is a   cosmetic  procedure that improves the facial features & generally make  the face smaller/slim. A person’s Facial features look more balanced as well as facial outline is improved.

    Facial contouring  is a life changing procedure for person’s with chubby face /Broad jaw. Ideal men  desires face shape & women desires oval face shape.

    it is also beneficial for those who suffer from sagging/loose  facial skin that cause  a person’s face to loose its original contour.

    Facial contouring  gives more attractive look to the face by enhancement of flattened check & improving Double chin ,sagging skin,jawls etc.

    Facial contouring is performed according  to me needs of the individual & may involve combination of different  cosmetic procedures to give best Results.few cosmetic procedures used for face contouring  are:

    BOTOX---  Botox is injected in Massenet muscle for the correction of broad jaw  line in order to redefine it.

    FILLERS--- Fillers are used to add volume to face to define  check ,nose,lip,chin , jaw line etc.

    THREADS—It is an excellent  method of facial contouring  when used properly.